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Useful concrete driveway maintenance tips

Useful concrete driveway maintenance tips

closeup of crack in a driveway

One of the greatest benefits of having a concrete driveway, is the surprisingly low amount of maintenance it requires. I believe that the majority of people actually don’t take care of it at all. That’s fine, however, taking care of it on at least an annual basis, not only will extend the life but keep it looking beautiful all year round.

Routinely power wash your drive

How often you need to clean your concrete driveway actually depends on the amount of traffic it gets. A family living together with multiple cars going in and out everyday, obviously needs a bit more attention than most drives. Keeping your driveway clean goes a long way. It’s simple enough to just power wash away the unwanted dirt and spills. You can even hire a professional ,however, pressure washer’s really aren’t all that expensive, on average about $150. Doing it yourself will be quite cost effective in the long run, it is recommended to wash your drive every couple of months. Hiring a professional will cost on average around $80 – $200, nearly the cost of the pressure washer itself. Of course, they are likely to have the higher grade equipment, you can still get the job needed done with a cheaper one.

Using concrete sealer

As mentioned before, the frequency in which you seal your driveway strongly correlates with how much traffic it receives. Using a concrete sealer is the best way to preserve the life of your driveway. Sealant keeps water and other spills from getting into it’s porous surface and even helps to delay the effects of weathering. It is highly recommended to reseal your driveway every three to five years, but maybe sooner if you have a large family going in and out all the time. Make sure your driveway is spotless before applying any concrete sealer, for the best results.

removing oil stains

I think this goes without saying, but oil stains are pretty ugly on a concrete driveway, but can also cause damage to them as well. Probably the best way to prevent oil stains, is simply not changing your oil on your driveway. However, that is not always an option for some. The first step after noticing spilled oil, is to absorb the majority of it with an absorbent material, such as kitty litter or sawdust. There will likely be some residual oil that can’t be soaked up though. You can take your pressure washer and spray it down, but that won’t always get all of it. If not, just scrub it down with some dish soap and water. Sometimes the stains are older and tougher to get out, but fear not, you can buy a concrete cleaner at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Avoid deicing chemicals

If your in an area that get’s snow, you may have used salt or even deicing chemicals in the past. Most don’t even think this one through, not everyone is a tree hugger, but those chemicals are pretty rough on your yard. Even if you’re not worried about the environment, you are likely worried about the appearance of your yard. Both salt and deicing chemicals can damage your yard, but not just your yard. they will start to deteriorate your concrete driveway as well. During these slippery times, the environment friendly way is to spread sand across the drive to gain traction.

Concrete driveway repairs

After winter is over, the harsh cold weather has the tendency to leave cracks in your driveway. These need to be repaired ASAP. neglecting these cracks will only result in the problem at hand getting worse. grass will start growing in between the cracks, water will start getting under your driveway, which will cause more natural settling of the ground below. This will only cause the cracks to get worse. By the end of next winter, your tiny little crack will have turned into a monstrosity. Concrete patching products are available at any local hardware or home improvement store. These will seal up the cracks and prevent your concrete driveway from getting worse.


Preventative maintenance is key when it comes to the lifespan of your driveway. Though this seems like a lot of work at first, a concrete driveway is actually less maintenance than any other driveway options out there. Don’t have a concrete driveway yet? Check out J & K Excavation’s ready mix concrete solutions. We offer affordable ready mix concrete available to residential and commercial consumers.



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