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Public Utilities

Utility Services

Are you a business owner, general contractor, or resident of Ellis county? Do you own a home or building for your business? Maybe you just need to reinstall or install new utility lines for your building. J & K Excavation has worked with Waxahachie, Red Oak, Hillsboro and many other municipalities with installing their utilities. Every newly built home or professional building requires connections to the complex system of sewer and water utilities. Hire the experts, who already have the experience and knowledge of local municipal utilities. For best desired results, consult with our licensed experts.

Steel Casing Pipe

Steel casings pipes are common when it comes to burying utilities. Particularly gas lines, but casings are used with all sorts of utilities, including fiber-optic, high voltage lines, water mains and even oil pipelines. Our excavation and trenching expertise gives us an advantage when installing your public utilities. Our licensed experts have the know how and man power to complete any sized project, residential or commercial.