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What is ready mix concrete?

What is ready mix concrete?

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Before I dive in to why ready mix is the go to solution for your cement/foundation needs, lets take a look at the definition and history of ready mix concrete.

History of the concrete street

So, when was the idea of concrete developed? It began with an English bricklayer by the name of Joseph Aspdin. He first manufactured what we call today, Portland cement, in 1824. He received a patent and named it Portland cement because it reminded him of stone he had seen on the Isle of Portland.

Portland cement didn’t become popular in the United States for quite a while. No one could quite replicate its reliability in America. Production first began in 1872, where a plant in Coplay, Pennsylvania produced the first Portland cement in the U.S. The first Portland cement concrete street was built in Bellefontaine, Ohio in 1893. This street won first prize for achievement in engineering at Chicago’s world fair in 1893 and still stands to this day.

Since then, concrete applications have come a long way. From foundations, to entire buildings, parking garages, walkways and driveways, you name it, it can probably be built with concrete.

Modern day Portland cement

Now we have a general understanding of what cement is and where it came from, but what is ready mix? Ready mix concrete, simply put, is Portland cement that is batched for delivery from a central plant, instead of being mixed on the job site. There are a vast number of ready mix applications available in the modern world today. Every batch is engineered differently to better suit each jobs’ specific requirements.

Why use ready mix?

Because of its’ wide variety of applications in the modern world, an estimated 60% of all Portland cement concrete consumed by construction is supplied by ready mix plants. Produced under factory conditions, ready mix provides greater convenience, better quality on average, and is an economical choice. Possibly the greatest attribute of all, is the ability to directly deliver the cement into form work or handling equipment on the job site. To ensure quality construction, state and local governments have adopted industry standards and codes that ready mix plants are required to follow.

Industry Standards

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) works with code committees and associated organizations to help define industry codes and standards, that are generally enforced at the local or state government level. Those governments are free to adopt their own codes, so every state, county, or city may be different. However, most governments adopt the codes developed and maintained by the International Code Council.

Ellis County Ready Mix

J & K Excavation is now proudly offering ready mix applications to the commercial and residential markets. J & K is the leading provider of ready mix in the Ellis county area. Based out of Waxahachie, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver you professional ready mix concrete on site. We have worked with many local municipalities in building their new concrete streets. Give us a call at (972) 923-2250, we offer FREE ESTIMATES!



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